Municipal Harbor Facility Grant Program


The FY2025 Municipal Harbor Facility Grants Program is opening up the next Call For Projects grant application cycle on May 26, 2023 and CLOSES Friday, August 4, 2023.

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Please refer to the FY2025 Application Packet PDF FileInstructions PDF File and Scoring Criteria PDF File available here for more information. 

Please reach out to the DOT Municipal Harbor Facility Grants Program at or  (907) 465-8769 with questions.

Grant Application Application Instructions Scoring Criteria 

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The DOT&PF, Alaska Waterways Program, Ports and Harbors received three harbor project proposals for the FY2024 grant cycle, which were scored and ranked on December 12, 2022.

Additionally, Stephen Ribuffo, Director of the Port of Alaska for the Municipality of Anchorage and member of the Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators (AAHPS), was selected to fill a new Public Seat on the Harbor Project Evaluation Committee (PEC).

We appreciate his commitment to the program and his assistance during committee review of harbor grant project proposals.

The ranking and score of the FY2023 Municipal Facility Harbor Grants Program is listed below:




Project name
Grant Amount Requested
Local Match
2023 ICAP - 6.87% Total
Project Cost
1 187.8 I City of Wrangell Meyer's Chuck $1,092,138.06 $1,092,138.06 $150,059.77 $2,334,335.89
1 117.7 II City of Whittier Boat Harbor $4,500,000.00 $4,500,000.00 $618,300.00 $9,618,300.00
2 85.3 II City & Borough of Sitka Fisherman's Float $2,644,677.00 $2,644,677.00 $363,378.62 $5,652,732.62
TOTAL $8,236,815 $8,236,815 $1,131,738 $17,605,369
We would like to thank all of the FY2024 applicants for their efforts and hard work!

Many of our members have experience with applying for grants through the Harbor Grant program! We strongly encourage all harbor facilities throughout Alaska to consider submitting applications for 50/50 funding through this program when you have eligible projects on the drawing board. Below is a slide from the 2017 presentation from Michael Lukshin, former Alaska D.O.T. Ports and Harbors Engineer. Download and review the entire presentation, which includes an overview of the grant program and how to apply. 

See our Resolutions page for more on our support of this vital state infrastructure funding program.

For more information on the program, the new ADOT contact (and AAHPA Resource Member) is Jim Potdevin.

(UPDATED October 2019) 2019 ADOT Harbor Facility Grant Presentation to the AAHPA Membership 

from the Alaska Department of Transportation website

Harbor Facility Grant Program

The State of Alaska is blessed with one of the finest public harbors systems in the country. Our magnificent coastline and bountiful marine resources make our harbors vitally important to Alaskans and our communities.


To provide financial assistance to municipal or regional housing authority owned harbor facilities, the Alaska Legislature passed landmark legislation in 2006 establishing a new 50/50 matching grant program called the Harbor Facility Grant Program. This grant program will go a long way towards recapitalizing local government’s harbor infrastructure and furthering the sustainability of Alaska’s public harbor system.


This grant program is funded on an annual basis at the discretion of the Alaska Legislature and consists of two tiers, Tier I and II. The first tier has priority and consists of major maintenance and repair of a harbor facility that was previously owned by the state and now is locally owned. The second tier consists of all other harbor facilities and those harbor facilities which have already received a Tier I grant. A harbor facility may only receive one Tier I grant but is eligible for multiple Tier II grants.

Reference Alaska Statute AS 29.60.800

To serve and promote Alaska's ports and harbors. 
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