Derelict Vessels

Abandoned and derelict vessels pose significant economic, environmental and navigational threats to harbors and waters throughout Alaska. The AAHPA has been pro-active on this issue, helping to catalyze the formation of the statewide ad-hoc ADV Task Force in 2014 and pushing forward a major re-write of Alaska's Derelict Vessel laws (see below). 

The Task Force, with the help of the law firm Birch Horton Bittner and Cherot, developed a workbook of templates for municipalities to help with impounding vessels (PDF Download). 

For more information on the 2014 - 2016 ADV Task Force, please see their archived website. 

Derelict Vessel Laws in Alaska

The AAHPA was integral to the passage of Senate Bill 92 in May 2018. This bill gave us a full re-write of Alaska's derelict vessel chapter (30.30), and strengthened our boat registration requirements and created a titling requirement in the state. 

Alaska's Derelict Vessel statute

Vessel Registration and Titling statute

Under SB92, the State was authorized to create a derelict vessel prevention program under ADNR. We will continue to advocate for pro-active attention to derelict vessels and owner responsibility at the state level, and among our members. 

State of Alaska Abandoned & Derelict Vessel Program:

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